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Using our ’10 Step Cleaning Process’, we not only get good results on the day, but your home benefits from cleaner carpets and upholstery for longer reducing the amount of times your need a professional carpet cleaner in Medway.

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10 Step Cleaning Process

  1. Pre-inspection – Walk around with the customer identifying any spots and stains, what they are and the expected results after the clean has been completed.

  2. Vacuum – Thorough vacuum of the areas to be cleaned including tight up to skirting and moving any furniture that can be easily moved.

  3. Pre-spot – Treat any spots and stains identified earlier with solutions and techniques to maximise eradication where possible.

  4. Pre-spray – Cover the whole areas to be cleaned with a matched cleaning solution ensuring the best possible outcome.

  5. Agitate – Using a carpet rake, agitate the carpet fibres releasing particles and helping the pre-spray to act faster and more effectively.

  6. Hot Water Extraction – Thoroughly rinse the cleaned areas with hot water and extract to leave the carpet free from residue. This ensures the carpet stays cleaner for longer.

  7. Post inspection – Walk round to ensure any areas are free from spots and stains, retreating as necessary from the pre-spot stage.

  8. Re-nap – Using a carpet rake, lift the fibres restoring the bounce and depth of the pile and helping the carpets to dry faster.

  9. Dry – By using air movers, fresh air is directed at the cleaned areas to dry as much as possible prior to finishing the cleaning process.

  10. Client Inspection – Walk round with the client ensuring complete satisfaction before packing everything away.


Now that your cleaning is complete, this is where your guarantee comes in.

Should any of the areas cleaned have any spots or stains return within 14 days fo your cleaning, these areas will be re-cleaned free of charge.

And that’s not all…

As we want you to have a clean and healthy home where your carpets and upholstery stay cleaner for as longer, should you have a spillage or accident within 14 days of your cleaning we will return and spot clean the blemish for free.